Our Mission

The mark of a good attorney is simple yet sometimes difficult to find.
Your lawyer should be competent, straightforward, and diligent.


We only handle cases for which we are particularly suited and skilled. We believe that to be a jack of all trades and a master of none is a disservice to clients in need and a disservice to the public. Each member of this firm has uniquely tailored their area of practice to maintain the highest skill set and knowledge needed for your case.


No one likes a sales pitch, the run around, or an empty promise. Our goal is to be the attorneys who guide and counsel you and get you through the hard times. You should be better off after hiring your attorney and trusting them with your life. During your free consultation with one of the attorneys in our office, not a paralegal or secretary, you will know exactly what to expect from our office. There are no hidden fees, complicated billing statements, or unanswered questions. If we can help you, we will do everything possible to do so. If we cannot we will get you to someone who can through our free referral program.


Once you've trusted an attorney with your family's well-being, they should work as hard as possible to keep your trust. We hold our profession in the highest regard. Unfortunately, we often hear stories from clients who felt their former attorney failed to listen to their needs and represent them to the best of their ability. Their former attorneys are unprepared and want to make concessions for their lack of diligence. This behavior upsets us and it should upset you too. We know that failing to prepare is the same as preparing to fail and it is our promise to our clients that we are the attorneys who out work the other side. Whether you are battling big insurance companies in a personal injury case, the state prosecutors in a criminal case, or your ex in a family law divorce case, we know your case, your goals, and the law.